Looking for that EXTRA gear or that TOP END SPEED. Look no further than the ELITE SPEED/STRENGTH PROGRAM.

What is SPEED?

If we visit the basic definition of speed being stride frequency x stride length, we know that to increase speed performance, we must improve at least one of these variables.

Incremental Improvements = Big Gains

The initial goal of a good speed training program should be to improve stride frequency by .005 sec. and improve stride length by .005 sec.

It sure doesn’t seem like much, but when you add them together, each leg cycle is improved by .01 sec. The average athlete takes 20-22 steps in a 40-yd dash, thus improving their time by over .2 sec.

Program’s Need For SPEED

Strength-An athlete must possess enough strength to adequately control and propel the body

Core Stability-Athletes MUST possess the ability to stabilize the pelvis in the proper position to excel in athletic movements.  We must evaluate Core Strength v. Core Stability

Flexibility-There is a distinct muscle length-tension relationship that we must utilize to improve speed

Neuromuscular System-Look to build desirable “Motor Engrams”, which are specific neuro pathways that the body utilizes to perform very specific tasks, by using the body’s feedback loop instead of requiring stimulation from the brain

Mechanics-Proper mechanics are a must to maximize stride length, stride frequency, and running efficiency

The athlete that can effectively put all of the factors together, will see ELITE GAINS.


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