2021 May On-Ice Skill Development @Brooklyn Park Arena

Dates: May 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th, 13th, 17th, 18th & 20th

Time: 4:15pm    Cost: $235

Instructor: Mike Davies/Scott Steffan

Everything we do at E1 Hockey is done in a progression format. This way we are able to insure that all of our students fully grasp the knowledge and methods we teach. Progression is the most effective format in teaching and that is why our school systems are structured in that fashion. We believe in teaching transferable skills that our students are able to apply and utilize in game settings.

E1 Hockey Mission:

* Push each and every player to their full potential

* Build Mental Toughness in every player

* Bring new innovative drills/teaching methods to our students

* Be the best in the hockey skill development industry

* Provide a fun environment for all students

* Provide constant feedback to every student

* Be a positive role model in the community

* Never let a player repeat poor behavior, correct immediately

* Never become a whistle blower! Always be teaching!!


Puck Skills

* Wrist Rolling

* Toe Control

* Getting the hands outside the body

* Under-handling

* Shooting in Stride Progression


* Forward Edge Control

* Backward Edge Control

* Stride Development System

* Crossover series (aka Acceleration series)

* Transition series (turns and take offs)

Board Play

* Proper Body Positioning

* Deceptive Retrieval Skills

* Quick Escapes


Full Program $235.00

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Single Skate $35.00

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