SPEED KILLS! Speed, agility, and quickness in sports gives an athlete an edge on his/her competition and the great news is that “SAQ” can all be learned through technique training, proper drills, and HARD WORK. If you’re wanting and willing to get faster, let’s SPRINT into the action this winter!

This program will take your strength & Speed to its maximum level. Weather your a Football Player, Hockey Player, Soccer Player or a just want to gain strength, power or SPEED. This program will do it. You will have 3 different program options with all programs customized to fit your strength & speed needs. All program options will consist of  60-70min training sessions, 3:1 Athlete to Trainer Ratio. All programs will have a pre-test and post-test to see gains.

Strength – From bodyweight to dynamic functional lifts, strength
programs are designed for specific athlete training age and functional

Power – vertical and lateral explosion, dynamic power movements and
proper body position are all components of athletic power and are all heavily
involved parts of an ELITE program

• Woodway ELG Treadmill– Our state of the art treadmill is capable of going 25 mph at an elevation of 35 degrees. The computer console allows our trainers to track everything from heart rate, VO2 consumption and MET equivalent

• Dryland/Plyometric –Flexible and individualized workout based on one of five categories; footspeed, agility, strength, power and injury prevention. Involves jumping/landing technique, proper footwork and cutting technique, and neuromuscular stimulation.

Mobility/Injury Prevention – Increasing functional range of motion,
decreasing muscle imbalances and activating proper neuromuscular function
and patterns all contribute to successful movement patterns and athletic function

Strength Training Programming – Progressive, periodized strength
programs involving Olympic and functional lifts, multi-planar movements to
enhance athleticism and sport specific demands

Session Packs: (All Sessions 60-75min)

  • 4 Session Pack – $160
  • 8 Session Pack – $300
  • 12 Session Pack – $450