Take your team to the next level with Elite 1 Training

Our team of trainers in sports physiology, strength & conditioning, and sports nutrition will establish a Sport Performance Enhancement team in collaboration with your coaching staff and athletic trainer and design and implement a team training program that suits your needs.  Programs are determined based on a consult with the coaching staff and can vary in frequency and methods.  We can customize team packages for your needs and work alongside/with your current staff and program. You can train in our facility or use your own facility. Contact us to arrange a consult and pricing.


  • Consultation
  • Program Design
  • Sport–Specific Testing
  • Speed & Agility Training
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Mental Skills Training
  • Any combination of the above
  • Year–round testing, training, nutrition, mental skills + SportPerformance Enhancement Group meetings with coaches, sports medicine staff, and sport scientists. The complete package for performance and athletic health.
  • Programs available on Phone/Tablets



Here is what each athlete will be sent each week to follow. Every week each athlete will be sent their workouts to follow, each athlete’s workout program is designed for the sport and time frame to maximize improvements.






Testing & Tracking Page. Each Athlete & Coach will be able to track improvements from this page. This page also tracks overall team improvements throughout training program.






Athlete & Team Accountability page. This page will allow coaches to track how many workouts each athlete on the team has completed.





Custom training program calendar. This shows each athlete & coach where they are at in the program. Each program will have its own training calendar to maximize improvements.





Pricing: (all pricing is per athlete)

1-8 Athletes: $65 Per month

9-15 Athletes: $60 Per month

16-20 Athletes: $55 per month

21+ Custom Pricing (call)

*If training with Elite 1 Trainers 2 or more times per week add $15 per month, this includes us coming to your facility or ours*

For more information on the Elite Training System contact us at 952-431-2908 or