The foundation of any effective football conditioning program is strength training

Absolute or maximal strength in and of itself is not enough though – not if football players want to reach their full potential.

To gain the greatest advantage, gains in maximal strength should be converted into explosive power. Don’t confuse the two – there is a crucial difference…

Power is a combination of strength and speed. A player who can bench press 300lbs is notnecessarily more powerful than a player who can bench press 250lbs for example.

And in football, with all other factors equal, the player with the greater power will come out on top.

Of course, maximal strength training still plays a key role in a football training program. In the articles below we’ll look at other forms of training that can help to convert maximal strength into explosive power.

What other football-specific elements of fitness are important in becoming the best player you can?

  • Maximum speed, acceleration and agility
  • Muscular endurance
  • Flexibility and mobility

Notice aerobic endurance doesn’t appear in the list above?

While endurance IS important, long distance running to build an aerobic base can be detrimental to the football player. Football-specific interval training is much more beneficial.

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